Challenge Met!

You will learn nothing if we say that 2020 brought its lot of challenges. At the Little Elves Foundation, after doubting that we could distribute any gifts due to the sanitary restrictions, the stars miraculously aligned.

Thanks to a substantial financial donation by Supermax Healthcare Canada and that of many individual donors, as well as the generous contributions of corporate partners such as Kindersley Transport, we managed to procure and distribute 4,048 gifts to 49 organizations across Canada.

The pandemic forced us to review all our processes. For example, a small group of 20 elves wrapped, from home and over a two week period, what usually takes an army of 200 volunteers two days at Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf. To offset transportation delays and to insure that the packages could be adequately quarantined before being distributed, all the gifts were sent or delivered before December 1st.

Our partners:

  • Supermax Healthcare Canada
  • Le Marché des saveurs du Québec
  • Jouets Choo Choo
  • Paramount Paper Ltd
  • Groupe Robert
  • Kindersley Transport
  • Chez Nino
  • Dialog Insight
  • Dozens of private donors

After almost 30 years in operation, the Foundation is touched by the solidarity expressed throughout this adventure, in particular during the pandemic. Looking at the pictures taken at the end of the year, we are full of gratitude!

Album: Pics of the 2020 Campaign