“Les aventures de Pidj et Jono”: Booklets Inspired by the Little Elves

The Little Elves inspired the publication of small books, the sale of which supports the fulfilment of their mission.

Illustration d'un lutin poussant un diable supportant des boîtes de noix.“L’automne avec les P’tits Lutins” et “Pidj et Jono en vacances”, star two carrier pigeons who hang around the Elves’ kiosk every Fall at Marché Jean-Talon. Their adventures are commented by Rachid et Pack-Ann, a pair of sassy nuts.

This sweet initiative came to fruition thanks to Michèle Lesage, author, andd Paule Simard, illustrator, who created the booklets for fun.

You can buy the little books every weekend at the Elves’ kiosk at Marché Jean-Talon for the price of $8 each (until December 2d)..