3,842: the Number of Presents Given by the Little Elves in 2014!


I’m in tears just thinking of how our clients will be blessed by your generosity.

We at Black CAP really appreciate it.

~ Black Cap, Toronto

Tuesday after the Wrapping Weekend, we were already starting to receive confirmations that our packages had made their way to their destinations. That really reinforced our feeling of a job well done after a long fundraising season at Marché Jean-Talon and a frenetic two days of gift wrapping!

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3,842 gifts, including 667 for children, that is the number of presents bought, wrapped and (for the most part) already delivered that result from our efforts. The initial count had us at 3,737 gifts, but last minute sales of gift baskets and candy allowed us to surpass 3,800.

It was long but enjoyable campaign, starting mid-September at our Marché Jean-Talon kiosk. Though the cold and the rain forced us to cut days, we were joined by 59 volunteers throughout the Fall to sell our mix of nuts and to discuss our mission. In lieu of thanks, we drew among those volunteers gift certificates for Birks Café, the Musée Grévin and Europea Espace Boutique (thanks, Groupe Europea!). The Little Elves also owe a debt of gratitude to the Marché des saveurs du Québec, our generous host at Marché Jean-Talon, without which our fundraising would be extremely dificult.

Partners of the Little Elves, we must mention the renewed support of Produits de papier Paramount, Groupe Robert, Jouets Choochoo, Kindersley Transport, Lozeau, Canus (Caprina), and, last but not least, Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf which welcomed our brigade with open arms for a 10th year!

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Our 187 wrappers worked really hard. On Saturday, they were accompanied on the piano by the Elf René-Pierre, and on Sunday, they took a break to listen to La Gamme, a cappella quintet.

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Some of our volunteer wrappers won door prizes as gift certficates from numerous establishments were drawn: Marché des saveurs du Québec, Groupe Europea, Barbounya, MTL Cuisine, Mesón & Tapéo, Jake Birdsong massothérapeute, Ateliers et Saveurs, La Guilde culinaire and Le Pourvoyeur.

BIG HEARTFELT THANKS to those who, by donating their time, money or resources, have helped our 2014 campaign. May 2015 be full of health and happiness for all!

* * *

Since the wrapping weekend, thanks are flowing in and have been posted on our Facebook page. Here are a few.

Nous vous remercions grandement pour ces présents qui feront le bonheur des personnes vivant avec le VIH-sida de notre région.

Un joyeux temps des Fêtes à toute l’équipe de la Fondation Les P’tits lutins !

~ Le Miens (Mouvement d’information, d’éducation et d’entraide dans la lutte contre le SIDA)

Un p’tit mot pour vous confirmer que nous avons bien reçu les cadeaux de Noël de votre part. Ces cadeaux seront remis lors de notre diner des fêtes avec nos usagers la semaine prochaine.

C’est très apprécié et merci pour tout ce que vous faites.

Bonne journée et joyeux temps des fêtes à toute votre équipe

~ Sidaction Mauricie

Just want to write and confirm that ACCM received all four boxes of gifts. We are so thankful that we received our full order of 100 presents this year and cannot express our appreciation enough. Our members will be so happy to have gifts this year at our Holiday Party.

From all of us at ACCM, thank you so much to everyone at La Fondation Les P’tits Lutins. Joyeuses fêtes!

~ AIDS Community Care Montreal