Our Elves are hard at work this Fall!

Au kiosque

A good season at Jean-Talon Market

Weather conditions and availability of volunteers permitting, we have been able to open our kiosk 15 days since mid-September. Our loyal clients were glad to see their favourite sweet & spicy snack return and, thanks to a growing number of youthful elves, a great number of passersby got a chance to sample and buy them too.

Lutines à l'ouvrage

Over 600 kilos of nuts have already been sold to finance our 2011 campaign. There are only two weeks left to get nuts at JTM.

Meet Santa Claus!

November 26 & 27, make sure to visit the kiosk between 10:30 and 15:30 to meet Santa Claus! He will be there to supervise the Elves and if you have bought nuts, he will insist on having his picture taken with you, your children, even your dog! Thanks to Lozeau, you will be able to leave with a printed copy of the photograph.

Less than a month before the wrapping weekend, so much left to do

Even with all these efforts, we still need to raise over  $25,000 by December 10 in order to be able to accomplish our mission of distributing 4,000 gifts. Indeed, when you consider the average price of a gift (wrapping and shipping included) and that we currently have $12,500, we still have a ways to go.

You can help the Little Elves by coming over to the kiosk over the next two weekends or by making a donation online or by cheque.