Over 3,900 Gifts, On The Way

Thanks to donations received and this past year’s fundraising efforts, the Little Elves’ Foundation has procured more than the planned 3,500 gifts. Indeed, 3,982 presents, destined to isolated or underprivileged people affected by HIV-AIDS were wrapped this past December 11 and 12. 757 of these gifts will go to children.

Of course, such an undertaking cannot be accomplished on its own. Among the tens of donations received, some need to be highlighted : Financière Manuvie and Mail It Safe International both provided substantial financial support; Canus offered nine cases of its Caprina soaps to pair with large bath towels; the «Pas deux pareils» group made hundreds of pieces of women’s jewelry; and Paramount Paper Products gave the shipping boxes.

On the logistical front, we must thank the Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf which welcomed our brigade of 165 volunteer Elves in its rooms for the 6th consecutive year. Aux délices du Boulanger, Laval pastry shop, graciously offered tea, coffee and cookies to sustain the wrappers. Outremont’s Rôtisserie Fusée fed the team that set up the rooms on Friday night. As for Michelle Gélinas, she gave a copy of her cookbook to each volunteer. Finally, the Marché des saveurs du Québec, the Grands explorateurs and l’Entrepôt de jouets of Laval each provided door prizes that were drawn throughout the weekend.

René-Pierre le Scouarnec and Yannick Provencher at the piano both ensured the proper holiday musical backdrop to the Elves’ endeavour.

Finally, little  Jeanne, 6 years old, recited a poem for the senior Elves which really touched on the emotions of our last few weeks :

Le lutin est débordé,
le lutin est fatigué,
énervé, paniqué:
il court du soir au matin
avec des copains lutins.
Vont-ils pouvoir fabriquer
tous les jouets commandés?

Des voitures, des épées
des pantins et des poupées,
des châteaux, des soldats
et des petits trains en bois.

Le lutin est débordé,
avec ses copains lutins.
Vont-ils pouvoir emballer
Tous les jouets fabriqués?

Mais c’est comme ça chaque année
Et le lutin le sait bien:
Pas la peine de s’inquiéter,
Tous les jouets seront livrés.

(Comptines de Noël, Sophie Arnould)

Indeed, at 18:30 Sunday night, all the gifts were packed in the truck provided by MVT Transport Conseil, destination 54 beneficiary organizations all over Canada.

A big thank you to all donors and volunteers who made the 2010 campaign such a resounding success!